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September 24, 2014

Bob Robinson

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  • Eating disorder a mental illness, a ‘mind game’

    by - Sep 21, 2014
    GREENVILLE – Anorexia is not eating; starving one self. Bulimia is binging, then purging. Natalie Esarey, a Greenville High School senior, has at various points in her illness been diagnosed with both. “I went back and...
  • Woodland principal: “I feel blessed to be here”

    by - Sep 21, 2014
    GREENVILLE – Woodland Principal Jeff Cassell spoke into a 2-way radio. A bus pulled off to the side and stopped. As the rest of the buses pulled out of the Woodland Heights parking lot, Cassell went...
  • Prescription pills drop-off program growing

    by - Sep 21, 2014
    GREENVILLE – “We’re amazed at the amount of participation in this program,” said Greenville Police Chief Dennis Butts. Since the inception of the program on April 6, 2013, to June 13 this year, the department has...
  • Construction remains on schedule at HS, K-8 facility

    by - Sep 20, 2014
    GREENVILLE – “So far the timelines are as expected,” said Greenville City Schools Superintendent Doug Fries. In the District’s second full week of school the high school is in its second phase of construction and the...
  • Eagles Riders raise funds for Cancer Assn., Wounded Warriors

    by - Sep 20, 2014
    GREENVILLE – A newly organized group, the Greenville Eagles Riders, presented checks to the Cancer Association of Darke County and will be doing the same to the Wounded Warriors Project. The group, which operates under the...
  • When the lights go out

    by - Sep 20, 2014
    “I look forward to these assignments.” “Why?” “What?” “Why?” “What? I can’t hear you!” “Why!” she yelled. We were in the cafeteria at Woodland Heights… kindergarten students had finished eating; first graders were enjoying their lunch....
  • GJH conducts 13th annual 9-11 ceremony

    by - Sep 14, 2014
    GREENVILLE – “Thirteen years ago our lives were changed forever…” Greenville Junior High School Principal Chris Mortenson addressed nearly 400 students, plus teachers, observers and first responders. It was Sept. 11, 2014. He was talking about...
  • Knowing Joseph & Greta a privilege

    by - Sep 14, 2014
    GREENVILLE – “Raptors get a bad rap because they’re birds of prey… without them we’d be overrun with rats, mice, snakes and the other small animals they eat.” Jeannie Harshbarger and Pam Siegel feel privileged to...
  • Ho scale railroad alive and well in Greenville

    by - Sep 13, 2014
    GREENVILLE – Darke County has many little known nuggets representing unique or historical facets of the area. In a recent First Friday event, participants were able to see some of the offices and merchants of the...
  • Rolling 50’s Classic a car lovers delight

    by - Sep 13, 2014
    GREENVILLE – “No, I don’t plan to paint it,” said Jaron Brock of Knoxville, Tenn. “It would only get uglier.” Brock’s 97 Honda Prelude stood out at the Rolling 50’s Car Show Sept. 6 because it...
  • Vintage posters have story to tell

    by - Sep 13, 2014
    GREENVILLE – “I’ve been trying to convince my son for 20 years,” said Kim Martin. “Now I have proof.” She was standing next to a Red Cross recruiting poster; the woman was holding an injured soldier....
  • Unveiling a Darke Co. Secret

    by - Sep 11, 2014
    One of Darke County’s best kept secrets, the Darke County Model Railroad Club keeps on chugging. Watch for the story this weekend in The Early Bird and on Bluebag Media. Photo by Bob Robinson....Read More
  • What’s mew? Find out this weekend

    by - Sep 10, 2014
    Rather unobtrusive on the outside, what these ‘mews’ house on the inside is much more interesting. Watch for the story this weekend in The Early Bird and on Bluebag Media. Photo by Bob Robinson....Read More
  • Medal of Honor recipient to speak at Dickey display opening

    by - Sep 7, 2014
    GREENVILLE – “This is significant,” said Garst Museum Executive Director Clay Johnson. “You don’t get a Major General to come here and speak, much less a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.” Major General James E. Livingston,...
  • Resident must move clubhouse due to zoning violations

    by - Sep 7, 2014
    GREENVILLE – “It’s a clubhouse!!” said a frustrated Ralph Helmer. He wanted a safe place for his 21-month-old, Liam, to play, so he decided to build one. He asked his wife Casey to look up the...
  • Solving business’ emerging workforce challenges

    by - Sep 7, 2014
    GREENVILLE – “The issue is finding room in the school day… schools struggle to some extent from state and federal regulations,” said Darke County Economic Development Director Marc Saluk. “There are a lot of changes local...
  • Commissioners sign ‘Preparedness’ proclamation

    by - Sep 6, 2014
    GREENVILLE – On Sept. 3 Darke County Commissioners signed a proclamation declaring September 2014 as Darke County Preparedness Month. In its proclamation Commissioners note every community in the county is vulnerable to emergencies and times of...
  • Tomatoes for teacher

    by - Sep 6, 2014
    Summer 2014 is history. School districts are in full swing, as is Edison Community College. This semester I’m working with 45 students, most of whom are in the PSEOP program (high school juniors and seniors taking...
  • GHS bus arrivals are on time; no hitches Day 1

    by - Aug 31, 2014
    GREENVILLE – “We are on time!” said Jon McGreevey, director of Business Services & Career Technology at Greenville High School. It was Aug. 27, the first day of school for Greenville City Schools. Three buses were...
  • Manufacturing drives the local economy

    by - Aug 31, 2014
    GREENVILLE – “Manufacturing is what creates a middle class,” said Lisa Wendel, Career Pathways Coordinator for the Darke County Economic Development Office. She has three primary duties; the one currently on the front burner is to...

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