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July 4, 2015


  • The dilemma facing local roads and streets

    by - Feb 4, 2015
    A few months back I wrote a piece about infrastructure challenges, now being faced by all Americans, concerning roads and bridges. Presently, those in Washington are debating and avoiding such things as increasing the national gas...
  • Commissioner’s Corner

    by - Feb 3, 2015
    The New Year, like every year, brings fresh hope for better things. We celebrate the end of one year and all that it possessed, and we look with anticipation for new and better things ahead. The...
  • Yay! Their Minds aren’t a Black Hole

    by - Jan 31, 2015
    I came home from work the other day to find my oldest daughter listening to oldies music. No, not the music they call oldies today (80’s), but the oldies from when I was kid – stuff...
  • Sales tax holiday to relieve some costs

    by - Jan 29, 2015
    Ohio families can now prepare for a new major retail shopping season. Senate Bill 243, which passed both chambers and was signed into law during the 130th General Assembly, means that Ohioans will be able to...
  • Expanding tax relief for working Ohioans

    by - Jan 27, 2015
    During his State of the Union address, President Obama made it clear that the key to economic prosperity is ensuring that even more Americans can get ahead. Too many Americans work hard and take responsibility, only...
  • It made my day… I think

    by - Jan 24, 2015
    I enjoy subbing in all the buildings, but I have to admit Woodland is probably the most interesting simply because you never know what’s going to happen next. For instance… “Mr. Robinson, can I hold your...
  • Speaker leads the 131st General Assembly

    by - Jan 23, 2015
    At the start of the new year, many changes took place here at the House. Some members of the General Assembly completed their terms as representatives while some new members came in to start their service...
  • Coverage through Medicaid makes impact

    by - Jan 22, 2015
    The past year has seen the most dramatic shift in decades in health care coverage for Ohioans and the role of hospitals in our local communities. As a member of the Ohio Hospital Association, I saw...
  • Expanding Health Coverage for Ohioans

    by - Jan 22, 2015
    Since its creation in 1965, Medicaid – a joint federal and state program – has provided low-cost health insurance to Ohio’s most vulnerable, including the elderly, physically disabled, and children. Beginning in 2014, the health law...
  • You get to share my nervousness

    by - Jan 17, 2015
    I know a lot of readers of this column have already experienced many of the things I have written about, but for me they are new experiences. Some of those experiences I expected; others…? I must...
  • Municipal Tax Reform cuts red tape

    by - Jan 14, 2015
    Of the many steps we have taken to improve Ohio’s economic situation, our latest effort involved making serious reforms to the way municipalities collect income taxes. House Bill 5, which passed the legislature at the end...
  • Alternative to high interest payday loans

    by - Jan 13, 2015
    When unexpected costs arise before tax returns come in, workers are faced with a dilemma and many workers turn to predatory payday loans to make ends meet. These loans – which can carry hidden fees and...
  • I am here for two reasons

    by - Jan 10, 2015
    Monday was a long day. On the road at 6:30… returning home about 6:30, 12 hours later. I was one of dozens of men, women and children watching our senators conduct official business in the Ohio...
  • State helps prevent falls this winter

    by - Jan 7, 2015
    Did you know that falls are the number one cause of injury-related hospitalization and death among people 65 and older? Many of us did not worry about the risk of falling when we were young. We...
  • The 2014 Woohoo and Uuugh Awards

    by - Jan 3, 2015
    Several years ago my cohort here at The Early Bird wrote a weekly column that would pass along praise where due and would gripe about things he didn’t like. There were generally more praises than gripes,...
  • Commissioners Corner

    by - Dec 31, 2014
    January is finally here. Families have gathered together for the Holiday’s, schools have taken a much needed break, and decorations are everywhere to celebrate this most wonderful season. With the last month of the calendar year...
  • It wasn’t a good day

    by - Dec 27, 2014
    You might remember my comments about a child I tutored over the summer. We would work for about five minutes, 10 or 15 if she was really engaged, then with no warning she would decide she’s...
  • A Very Merry Christmas for Ohioans

    by - Dec 25, 2014
    Once again, the Christmas season is upon us. This year, many households in Ohio are poised to have a better Christmas than in years past. We have worked hard over this past year to put people...
  • Trying to Help with Holiday Stress

    by - Dec 20, 2014
    With only a few days until Christmas stress levels are up. I’m not stressed, but my wife is starting to feel it a little. I try not to get anxious about anything. My only responsibility during...
  • Revitalizing manufacturing and innovation

    by - Dec 18, 2014
    One of my most important jobs is to advocate for working families in Ohio. Middle-class families have felt squeezed by the number of jobs going overseas, especially in the manufacturing sector. A report released last week...
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