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August 20, 2014

Letters to Editor

  • Readers Write – The Journey Home

    by - Aug 17, 2014
    As Director of Outreach for The Journey Home and a disabled U.S. Army Veteran, I was once homeless battling alcoholism. I now have three years of sobriety. Some little known and appalling facts regarding veterans are...
  • Readers Write – Ag is Cool

    by - Aug 10, 2014
    Agriculture is a staple to the way of life for this county, and we are reminded of that every time we drive down the road and view the seemingly endless fields of corn and soybeans surrounding...
  • Readers Write – Gnashing of Teeth

    by - Aug 3, 2014
    Dear Editor, My high school Civics teacher, Mr. Robert Spiller, helped formulate my belief of American Exceptionalism. Then, at the age of 17, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Before my 21st birthday I had visited...
  • Readers Write – Thank You Versailles

    by - Jul 20, 2014
    On behalf of the Versailles Poultry Days Chairmen and Board of Directors, I would like to extend a sincere, “Thank You!” to the numerous volunteers that helped make the 2014 Poultry Days festival a success. I...
  • Readers Write – Supreme Court Decision

    by - Jul 13, 2014
    Dear Editor: I can’t get over how the Dayton Daily Birdcage Liner, other newspapers, and news media cry over the how “Republicans”, when it was a Supreme Court Decision, continue to trample on “Women’s Rights”.  I...
  • Readers Write – Camp is Successful

    by - Jul 13, 2014
    Dear Editor, This year was the 21st consecutive year for the Matt Light Football Camp. The camp is a free two day camp for 8 to 14 year old youths from Greenville, Darke County, and the...
  • Readers Write – Some Words of Encouragement

    by - Jun 29, 2014
    To the many hard-working, courageous people who have  left their homes – whether they be in Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, or any other country on any continent in the world: I offer my best thoughts...
  • Readers Write – Reestablish Nation Under God

    by - Jun 29, 2014
    Dear citizens of Darke County, I do not know if this will be published before the celebration of our Independence on July 4th, but I wanted to share some thoughts with the citizens of our county....
  • Readers Write – Apology for Cemetery

    by - Jun 15, 2014
    This is a public apology to anyone that has loved ones in the Castine Cemetery and to the Butler Township Trustees. We have been taking care of the Butler Township Cemeteries for years now and we...
  • Readers Write – Absolute Truth

    by - Jun 15, 2014
    Dear Editor, Alan M. Dershowitz, the internationally known legal scholar, the night before the Supreme Court heard the Hobby Lobby case, commented that everyone knows that the founders meant by the establishment clause in the 1st...
  • Readers Write – Triple Crown

    by - Jun 15, 2014
    Dear Editor: It is very cruel and unreasonable for us to expect our good horses to race in three grueling races in five weeks!  These horses need time to recover and rebuild after each race.  Some...
  • Readers Write – Kasich and JobsOhio

    by - Jun 9, 2014
    No it’s not a bird…and no it’s not a plane… it’s not Superman either. However, there is something on the rise in Ohio besides the Cleveland superhero, and it’s the number of people in Ohio that...
  • Readers Write – Intersection Troubles

    by - Jun 9, 2014
    This letter is in regards to the intersection of U.S. Route 127 and Kruckeberg Road. When headed north on 127, there is only space for 1-2 cars to pull over in the turn lane to turn...
  • Readers Write – Don’t Mess With My Good Side

    by - Jun 1, 2014
    Letter to the Editor, It has come to my attention that Darke County’s couples of all persuasions have navigated to the Chapel of the Winds. They are advised to immediately and forever move on. The Sheriff’s...
  • Readers Write – What a Sad Day

    by - May 25, 2014
    I just returned from Castine Cemetery to put a flower on my mother’s grave, which I have done for the last sixty years. I must say the last two years have been the worst and saddest...
  • Thank You

    by - May 19, 2014
    We would like to recognize the residents of Greenville School District for the passage of the bond issue last August and the recent passage of the Renewal Permanent Improvement Levy. On behalf of the past, present and future...
  • Sorry

    by - May 19, 2014
    Editor, I have placed in jeopardy the reputation of several fine organizations and the membership. Now I ask for forgiveness for the harm that I have caused. I am the only one responsible for these actions....
  • Readers Write – Not Ambiguous: Very Clear

    by - May 12, 2014
    For reasons no one can give you that you could find believable “you” continue to “falsely believe” “you” are smart?? Yet, take a look around “you” “the country is literally falling apart” but, no one wants...
  • Readers Write – “Pot Candy” Homicide – Reefer Madness?

    by - Apr 28, 2014
    Marijuana:   Inroad drug makes Golden Triangle rich. Is “Reefer Madness” a legitimate defense for the Colorado man that shot his wife in the head after eating “pot candy”? The Defense will claim that the defendant was...

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