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October 13, 2015


  • I Don’t Want to Find a Dead Body

    by - Oct 10, 2015
    I think I have written previously about my fear of snakes. I wouldn’t even call it a complete fear of snakes – I’m just afraid of the fast ones, poisonous or not. If I think I...
  • Defund Planned Parenthood

    by - Oct 9, 2015
    We are all shocked by the videos of Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies. This is an unconscionable act that should not be tolerated. Governor Kasich led the legislature in opposing the work of Planned Parenthood in...
  • Drug testing certain welfare recipients

    by - Oct 1, 2015
    Ohio, like many other states, has seen an increase in drug abuse and dependency. With this, we also see a correlation between drug abusers and poverty. The Cincinnati Enquirer recently did a story on an 18...
  • Commissioners’ Corner

    by - Sep 30, 2015
    September is the time for falling leaves, bonfires, harvesting of crops, cooler temperatures, and football games from Thursday until Monday. Smaller Counties like Darke County also include a lot of local festivals celebrating the harvest. Fall...
  • My plans always seem to go awry

    by - Sep 26, 2015
    Let me preface what I’m about to write with I love my mom and dad, I enjoy having them stay with me when they visit, it’s not their fault and this column really isn’t about them....
  • Budget accomplishes goals in education

    by - Sep 24, 2015
    As school begins again across the state, I can say with confidence that the state legislature has taken a positive step with House Bill 64. With its passage in June, the state operating budget in Ohio...
  • A fascinating two weeks

    by - Sep 20, 2015
    “Mr. Robinson, Mr. Robinson…” “Hey guys! How ya doing?” “Fine!” She was one of my Woodland students. Her brother – also one of my students – was at South, I think. I got hugs from them both....
  • Readers Write – GFD Thanks Sponsors

    by - Sep 13, 2015
    In continuing the City of Greenville Fire Department’s commitment to a fire prevention education program, we organize an annual fire and burn prevention education program for the children of our community.  We recognize the need for...
  • Readers Write – Splash Pad

    by - Sep 13, 2015
    I think the idea of a splash pad and park downtown is really nice.  BUT – what about the south side swimming pool that has been closed for 3 or 4 years because there is no...
  • I’m not a big fan of made up words

    by - Sep 12, 2015
    I like words! You might be thinking to yourself, “Well, duh? You are a writer.” Others are probably thinking, “You couldn’t tell by the crap you put in your column.” For those who were thinking the...
  • Raising awareness of Krabbe Disease

    by - Sep 9, 2015
    Krabbe disease is an often fatal degenerative disease that destroys the protective coating on nerve cells in the brain and the nervous system.  This rare disease has affected several families locally including that of Madison Layton...
  • Renewing commitment to Ohio workers

    by - Sep 9, 2015
    Labor Day is more than just a last hurrah of summer, a day for picnics and barbeques for many families. It’s also an important time for us to reflect on the labor movement’s proud history in...
  • A Grumpy Old Man’s Heart

    by - Sep 5, 2015
    “Mr. Robinson?” Hey, buddy. Glad to see you!! “It’s been a long time,” he said. Well, maybe to him it has. He was one of my tutoring students summer before last. For someone on the Grumpy...
  • Commissioner’s Corner

    by - Sep 3, 2015
    August has certainly been friendly to Darke County. It seems we have had perfect weather most of the time, only a couple of really warm days, and rain when needed. The Great Darke County Fair could...
  • Removing red tape and being consistent

    by - Sep 2, 2015
    A constituent brought to my attention the need to make access to Ohio’s birth and death certificates easier and more affordable. In the past the local County Boards of Health and the State Health Department have...
  • Love for the fair is hidden

    by - Aug 29, 2015
    Another fair week has come and gone. This was my 20th year covering the Great Darke County Fair. The smell of Italian sausages loaded with green peppers and onions. The sounds of children laughing and screaming...
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