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July 29, 2014


  • Take Your Daughter to Work

    by - Jun 21, 2014
    Who in their right mind ever thought Take Your Daughter to Work Day was a good idea? They say it is supposed to inspire the girls and give them insight into possible career fields. I’m not...
  • The Lost Art of Talking

    by - Jun 19, 2014
    “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.  The world will have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein In case you haven’t been aware, ever since the 1980’s, we have been in...
  • Severance Tax and its impact on Ohioans

    by - Jun 19, 2014
    With the discovery of large deposits of oil and gas in the eastern part of Ohio, we have an opportunity to work with Ohio’s oil and gas industry to offset costs incurred by the tax payers...
  • Ensuring Ohio’s kids don’t go hungry

    by - Jun 16, 2014
    With so many families struggling to make ends meet, many Ohio children are living in “food insecure” households, where parents don’t always have the resources to provide enough healthy food for their families. During the 2012-2013...
  • A lifetime of memories

    by - Jun 14, 2014
    “See that big kid sitting over there? Yeah, him. You need to take a lesson from him and study real hard… you don’t want to be like him. He’s been trying to get out of the...
  • Freezing energy mandates helps

    by - Jun 11, 2014
    As air conditioners run and summer travel begins—a topic on many Ohioans’ minds is the costs of energy.  Continuing government mandates on Ohio’s energy companies increases costs for Ohio consumers.   Our Ohio energy policy should promote...
  • Helping dads be better fathers

    by - Jun 10, 2014
    As a father myself, and as Chairman of the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood, I know firsthand the irreplaceable role fathers play in their children’s lives. My own father used his high school education and hard work...
  • Help me be a trend setter

    by - Jun 7, 2014
    As a young man, I always took pride in being in style. In the 80’s, I had several pairs of stone-washed jeans that I could cuff at the bottom. I also had my share of pastel...
  • Workers Comp reform coming soon

    by - Jun 4, 2014
    In the last three years, under the management of Director Steve Buehrer and Governor John Kasich, the Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) has been working hard to return money to employers and lower premium rates. The...
  • Culture of spending is changing

    by - Jun 2, 2014
    From groceries to electricity, we’re paying more for nearly everything in this president’s economy – all while paychecks shrink and wages sit stagnant. Throughout our local area, I hear about this more and more, making it...
  • Ensuring veterans receive the care they deserve

    by - Jun 2, 2014
    While serving our country, many veterans sustain a variety of injuries. These injuries can be visible physical injuries but other so-called “invisible injuries” persist and can affect veterans just as much, or more, than the more...
  • A tease and a bully

    by - Jun 1, 2014
    “So… would you be here if you didn’t have to?” She said she didn’t have to… she was a Wavette and one of my former students at Edison. “This is volunteer,” she added, “for all of...
  • Gaming Laws in Ohio should be uniformly enforced

    by - May 28, 2014
    I recently teamed up with State Representative Bill Blessing from Cincinnati to work on a bill that passed the Ohio House to address concerns about gaming in Ohio. By gaming, I am referring to activities like...
  • Commissioners’ Corner

    by - May 27, 2014
    It is hard to believe that we are almost at the half-way point of the year. May has certainly been a month of change. We started out cold and wet, then got warmer, and then a...
  • I’m Hoping for at Least One Callus

    by - May 25, 2014
    It doesn’t happen often, but my wife recently gave me a compliment. I wish she would have dropped the tone of astonishment from her voice when praising me, but I’ll take what I can get. I...
  • You just might save a life

    by - May 24, 2014
    A few months ago, Adriane Scherrer of the consulting firm Enhancements to Your Workplace, noted 70 percent of workplace accidents were due to some form of drug impairment. It could be prescription drugs, alcohol… it could...
  • Cutting down on red tape

    by - May 21, 2014
    Sometimes, government has a tendency of continuing to do things the same way year after year. Enough years go by, and people stop asking questions because, “That’s just the way it’s done.” That is why I...
  • Honoring the fallen on Memorial Day

    by - May 20, 2014
    For nearly a century and a half, Americans have come together at the end of May to celebrate a day honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. While we enjoy the warmer weather, cook-outs, and...
  • Charter schools are working

    by - May 19, 2014
    Did you know that, right now, the waiting list to get into charter schools has about a million names on it? I’m not surprised at all – charter schools work. In our area, it’s the parents...
  • I’ll be the responsible one

    by - May 19, 2014
    “It’s subitis.” Huh? “Subitis… what students do when they have a sub… Mr. Robinson, I have a headache. Mr. Robinson, I have a stomach ache. Mr. Robinson, I don’t feel good.” Yep. Got all that. “My...

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